February 25, 2010



(A few things running around in my mind... just trying to sort through the 'fog of war' the media has stirred up as the issue of the week.)

- Although I have a great deal of "faith" that there is a force for good and a force for evil, both having been around since the beginning of time and will forever be, I don't ordinarily subscribe to formal worship of a particular deity. If necessary to wrap up my life's leanings, I will say Christian as that was the path I followed from birth... until my last kid left home and I'd completed the promise I'd made to the church.

Having said that... nothing, NOTHING, brings makes me *get religion* quicker than big trouble in the forecast. I don't say "Please, God" carelessly... I don't even use the popular "OMG"... I respect that omnipresent power too much. But when a loved one is hurting... or about to get hurt... I get REAL religion! I pray, I pray hard. What else is there to do when the outcome is totally out of your hands? Do I cling to it? So far, I haven't been tested... couldn't say. Under some circumstances I could see 'clinging' as a distinct possibility. I've been blessed... and I don't say that often enough.

Guns - I'm not a big fan. I don't get their popularity... this whole hunting thing, for that matter. But okay... those fans probably don't get abstracts either. An artist friend was writing about the sadness she was going through during her mother's long illness, and how she was painting all through the night when the end came. Another friend wrote that that's what we do... we paint through our bad times. We paint it out. I suppose it's a natural recourse to return to life long creature comforts in worrisome times. Hunting, fishing, painting... I can see the connection. Now... suppose we're talking about 'guns on the street' rather than in a duck blind... different story? Maybe, maybe not. Might be a connection there as well.

Bitterness - happens. The way happiness happens. It is dependent on others. We do as much as we can to control our lives, to make us and ours happy and content. But outside influences, such as the job we developed skills for, the health we'd hoped for, the people we voted for... that's got to mess up our plans big time! Okay, bitterness comes way down the line after discomfort, inconvenience, worry and frustration. But left to fester... it comes.

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