April 30, 2009

Back In Action...

Eclipse - 2009 - 36x36 - mixed media

Started the year with good energy and several new works in progress. First I painted the pegboard in the studio... that alone was energizing decluttering and visually doubled the size of the room. Kinda sad to wipe away all that evidence of earlier work... dozens of layered rectangles of various sizes and colors, made as I painted edges again and again.

Trying to adjust my palette a bit, I don't want to dismiss my ochers and reds, they are me... but they aren't ALL of me. I'm currently very conscious of the rich colors of the Middle East and they are finding their way into my mixes. With every new world crisis, I chase off to Pakistan, Yemen, Haiti, etc. via Google Earth with 3-D aerial views and photographs of the local architecture, people and culture. Amazing how much you can learn this way... and all there is to learn about our world and the people who are so close yet so far away.


paula said...

i can see your Aeriel influence in this...nice. of course the peg board really should have been cut and framed and given to MOMA.

Mary Hardy said...

I so agree with Paula. The peg board was amazing.