March 31, 2009

Spring... Into Action!

Spring rains dictate our calendar these days... plus any number of other distractions. Trying to get the bulk of the hillside steps built before heat and humidity have their way with our good times. An hour's drive away, we try to outguess the weatherman with day trips but yesterday we thought we could overnight there and sneak in another days work... but not.

I don't sleep well after a day of, um... exertion. Must remember to stock a Tylenol PM for such times. Numerous trips up and down the hill do a job on my legs which I don't notice at the time, but are nagging reminders later... the few steps that are finished hint and how much easier it promises to be.

A new development is an alert that the lake level will drop within the next few days as repair work is done on the spillway. When we lived there before, they would purposely drop the level every few years so people could work on their docks and retaining walls. We've been holding off building a new dock and this took us by surprise... arg! Hold everything while we shift gears! A quick study needed in how to best go about doing this...

But hold everything... the garage sale golf cart we bought a few months ago is demanding attention... like it's smoking and won't... go! Was doing fine but is now posing all sorts of challenges at a time when we really needed it to carry building stuff up and down the hill... more research needed! For a family of do-it-yourselfers, we sure know how to keep our to-do list full!

Just to make sure all bases are loaded... a commission is needed in NOLA... soon! And it's a big one so will be driving it down, along with new inventory stock sometime around Easter... that's not very far away!

Maybe it will rain...


Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Hi Karen, love your post.
Will you be at the Energen reception on Sun? I have two paintings there. I had sales last year but haven't heard good news this year....yet.

Karen Jacobs said...

Congrats on the Energen show, Peggy. I doubt that I'll be at the reception as we are expecting house guests and plans are up in the air. If we make it, I'll look for you!

Nancy Natale said...

I'm so envious about your flowering trees. We're barely seeing a green blush. Those spring rains have their work cut out for them. Best wishes and sympathy to you for all that hard work you're doing. It will be wonderful in the end but hard getting there.