March 04, 2007


James Nelson, the visual arts critic for the city paper, did in fact review the show... and included a nice big pics (b&w) of our work. Here's the part about me:

Karen Jacobs explores an organic geometry in her abstractions. Her paintings are based on shades of black, gray and white with wisps of bright color that accent the core concentrations of shapes. In several works, the viewer might sense looking at a tumultuous storm through a multi-plane window.

Jacobs is inspired by the plane trees that grow in the south of France and by the Japanese ink painting technique called Sumi-e. This combination makes for an effective wedding of bold brush strokes and knobby clumped shapes, giving her work tremendous energy and grace.

Then he talks about Byron's raku and finishes up with:

This is an attractive show. Both Jacobs and Myrick produce decorative works that have a great deal of appeal.

The "D" word sorta takes the starch out of it, but face facts, they are decorative, have always been so, will always be so. I'm not a blood and guts painter. If the reviewer sees a "tumultuous storm through a multi paned window"... hey! That's enough of a message for me... more than I was even thinking of sending. "Tremendous energy and grace..." that's a keeper!

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Anonymous said...

"Tremendous energy and grace." Wowsa.Great review and he obviously "gets" your work. What a compliment! Congrats on a great show.