February 08, 2007

Loose Ends...

As I finally wrap up the details of the upcoming show; wiring, photos, documentation, final touches... J comes home with a couple of issues of the city freebie Black & White magazine with one of my paintings on the cover! I'd heard it would happen, I just didn't know when. It's just a detail of the painting "Naranga" (means 'orange' in Sanskrit or something) and the colors are a bit off but for a newsprint rendering, I'm pleased. A tip o'the hat to the mag as they consistently use artwork from local galleries for their weekly covers. This is the first time I've had a work selected but didn't give it much thought as there are so many artists and galleries in the area... but am delighted to have a turn.

Tomorrow, Friday, I deliver the show to the gallery, a bit early but I'll be out of town for the following week and they like to have the shows up a few days before opening night (the 23rd.) Then Saturday, I'm off to NOLA to spend a couple of days with our youngest son and his family, then will join several long time art buddies north of the lake for a three day monoprint binge.

I've been several times before and talked of it here but this trip will be special because it will be our last opportunity to gather at Dottie's. Dorothy Furlong Gardner will sell her house and studio in the woods north of Lake Ponchatrain and move to smaller, more convenient quarters in NOLA proper. It's the best thing to do, but it will be hard for her to leave this special place. We'll just have to have a blast!!!

So... I'm gone for a week and will return in time for house guests (J's out of town swim buddies here for a meet.) I'll be back (eventually) with a full report and maybe a few monoprints to show.


Annie B said...

Color fidelity issues aside (always an issue with newsprint) this looks fantastic! I just clicked the image to look at the larger view and the textures are delicious.
Enjoy your trip. Look forward to seeing a few monoprints. -ab

Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

Congratulations on being the Cover Girl! Best of luck with your show too.

CMC said...

The cover with your painting looks great, Karen..........and have a good time at the workshop. Tell all hello for me.