February 23, 2007

Art And Aging

 "I do not wish to become senile before I've finished what I've undertaken." (Paul Gauguin)

Well, there are better quotes around but I grabbed that one from today's Painter's Keys Newsletter. This one is titled "Art And Aging" which had to get my attention, donchaknow? (can't find the URL for that article but it will show up on the site in a couple of days.)

Couple this with the oft repeated remarks out of Miami Art Basel where people were asking the ages of the artists, looking for those with fresh new MBAs to invest in. Yikes! Oh well, not my worry.

Learned that one of my galleries is taking a bunch of artists to NYC for the Red Dot Fair... but I'm not included. Humph! Shucks, I understand.

Got excited about an encaustic workshop in Santa Cruz where I have relatives so could slash a lot of the expense by 'visiting'... then wondered why bother learning new techniques when I don't get around to using the ones I already have.

And Spring is beginning to show signs of happening, and there are school breaks which mean g-kids will be visiting, and so much yet to do at the lake house before summer visitors... and I really would like to pick up my watercolor abilities again, maybe do a series around the lake house... just for me, no gallery stuff allowed.

No way am I feeling sorry for myself... but it's hard to reign in the kind of energy that propels you forward to bigger and better things... the kind of energy that you work so hard to whip into shape. I've got momentum and that's about all I can really deal with... no more petal to the metal, just cruise along and enjoy the ride. Right! Right...?

Wish I was heading to the lake today but there's this opening tonight...

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Tracy Helgeson said...

Hi Karen, I hope your opening this evening goes nicely.

And I hope you'll decide to take that encaustics workshop. Don't pay attention to all of that "old" crap! If you do, well, then you'll be old:)