February 20, 2007

Almost Showtime...

Feel that I should make mention of my upcoming opening on Friday... seems rather anticlimactic as I yearn to find time to begin the process for the next venue in May. Don't want to seem cavalier about it all but the 'opening' part is my least fav, being the antisocial that I normally claim to be. First, gotta worry about hair, clothes, appearances and yuck etc. Then three hours of making meaningful conversation... and remembering names... y'know, I'm a very good listener! Well, no... I'm not even that. If it isn't interesting, I tend to lose the train of thought and find myself wondering if it's my turn to smile, frown, look amazed or even add a comment.

[[You'll have to forgive, I've just spent a marathon three days alone with an inarticulate, compulsive talker who is a nice person and fun to be with in mixed company for, say... the time it takes to have dinner. But three days! This WILL NOT be repeated, but I think I said that last year and maybe the year before. I swear I will be on an art trip to NOLA or even the moon this time next year!]]

I'll be exhibiting with Byron Myrick, a raku artist I've known for probably 20 years. I love showing with 3-D artists... makes for a much more interesting exhibition and I think Byron's colorful ceramics will play off my rather colorless works beautifully. Those who know my usual palette will be amazed that I'll have only ONE red painting included! I tried for all B&W but couldn't hold the reins so there are some neutral to gold variations.

Haven't gotten down to see the installation as yet, photos later.


Olga Norris said...

The patchwork pots certainly are colourful, and your work will be an appropriate complement, and vice versa. Your work is not colourless, except when in the strictly literal b/w sense!

How I agree with you about openings! I avoid them for group shows, and have not as yet had a solo show which had a formal opening. I spent my previous career in publishing being a schmooze queen, and really I cannot do it any more - my face sticks.

Martha Marshall said...

I look forward to seeing some pics of the show. I'm not thrilled with openings, either, for reasons you both have mentioned.

Will be thinking of you Friday!

Annette Bush said...

Hope your friend doesn't read your blog!

Would love to come for the opening since I have a meeting halfway there on Saturday AM, but I am not quite up to par yet, so I will have to settle for the photos.

Karen Jacobs said...

Yikes! But no, she doesn't even do email. However, it wouldn't be the first time I've stepped on reader's toes... that's the down side of blogging, I guess. KJ

Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

Can't wait to see photos! I wish I lived closer. Hope you sell lots of work!