January 18, 2007


I think I've posted this image before but it's been awhile so you get it again. This gives a better view of what I was talking about regarding the application of a paper piece to a canvas covered panel. I did a series of three of these and I think they turned out pretty well and hold their own as an alternative way to present works on paper. Granted, the paper is thick and the paint is thicker, so that might make a difference. Medium bodied acrylic gel was used, other products might work as well, but that's what I had and it worked. You don't want to brayer too much of the gel out but you do need to smooth out any bubbles.

Changing the subject, have you ever thought much about what you are worth as an artist if you charged by the hour? I had to make up an invoice of my services in repairing the painting talked about recently. I worked backwards from the money I felt would be approved, including other expenses involved and came up with $50 per hour. We artists vary so much in our methods that it's impossible to use a set formula that will fit all (value divided by hours spent creating = no way!) Anyhoo, thought it was an interesting problem to toss out for personal contemplation.

You may have noticed (a bunch have already, according to my stats) that I've posted a link to the lake house on the upper sidebar. I'll try to reign in my excitement on this blog and stick to art talk, but I've just got to record what's going on over there. It won't be a 'blog per se' but just a few before, during and after photos arranged by room along with a bit of explanation. With all the TV renovation shows on all channels, this is small potatoes, but it's our baby and you know how that goes. I spent yesterday getting it looking pretty good, then today changing to a different template which will allow a better photo layout. This is totally expected to improve my mental functions for several more years, donchaknow? Expect it to continue changing until I'm fully satisfied that I've explored every possibility. Would that my primary web site received such attention! Poor baby... it's so dusty!


Martha Marshall said...

Karen, I really like that painting presentation method. Thanks for showing that.

Hey I don't see that much of a dividing line between what you do in your studio and the loving attention you are giving to your lake house. It's all creative energy. It's all good.

Karen Jacobs said...

Agreed, Martha... creative juices spill in every direction. Just trying not to let the blog morph into something else. I know I'll have times when I can't keep what's going on there to myself, but a little leakage will have to be okay.

Steven LaRose said...

$50 an hour is good. Don't forget taxes, overhead costs, insurance, bonding, lisences, drive time, and retirement. I'm grumbling at my $40/hr rate which is turning some small town clients away. . "I'll just get some STARVING ARTIST to do it instead" I almost yelled at the lady who said that.

Personally, I like the art/life blog blend.