November 18, 2006

Calendar Crunch...

Everything was tooling along just fine, finished paintings were beginning to come together and look like a show was in the making. I took three of them to the local gallery to sort of hint at what my Feb show would look like... and since I was going to NOLA, thought I'd better drop off a couple of larger examples to go with the smaller bokushos I'd left there a while back. And then, two will have to go to Memphis for a Jan group show with a 'game' theme (not hard to find a game theme in the b. grids.) Ummm... now things don't look as on target as they did.

Shrink wrapped and delivered some monoprints for local gallery's annual $199 show and began stretching and prepping big canvases, really getting into production... and then the Atlanta gallery calls... special project, need a triptych right away. Just get them to us and if it's too late for this one, we need new work anyway and we need it now! And while you're at it, how 'bout those landscapes you promised? Huh?

So... changed production modes and stretched sizes needed for Atlanta... I can do this, just have the company thing M-T-W next week and T-giving will be laid back.

My work schedule is beginning to sound like Robin's but she's relaxing in Santa Fe right now... which sounds like a great way to get away from it all. One thing's for sure... no more lolling around with Soduko for me!


MMComstock said...

Geesh, and I was just about to bring up a soduko to laze around with. Shoot, caught and shamed into going into the pseudo studio instead and paint a pitcher.
ps--missing you on da list.

Karen Jacobs said...

Missing you as well... a little soduko puts the mind in order, donchathink?