August 04, 2006

Traveling Weekend

Another Wrinkle, oil, 30x40, 1981

Tis the end of our annual week with the NOLA girls... that week after their camp is over and school has yet to begin. We'll drive them home tomorrow, overnight and make the return trip on Sunday. We used to just drive one way and fly them home via Southwest Airlines, but since Katrina there is no direct flight between our cities. I understand NOLA is trying to convince all the airlines to return to prestorm schedules because it's really hurting lots of tourist and conventions plans which depend on convenient flights... not just grandparents doing the shuttle back and forth.

There may be another visiting relative this month... meaning a firm studio schedule is still in the distance, but next week should see a few paintings wrapped up. They're just hanging in there, waiting for a final touch to tell the story. Sure had hoped to have more of the new series finished at this point. It's been a fun week, though.

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