July 14, 2006

The Why of Journaling

The following is lifted from today's Robert Genn newsletter and addresses a concern I see repeatedly on many artist blogs about the 'Why?' of this blogging or journaling need we seem to be addicted to. I wonder myself and Genn's comments are as good as any:

"The writing of notes, letters and journals is good for creators. Writing is learning. Writing shares joy, delight, triumph, struggle, disappointment and disaster. The free exchange of ideas and processes helps us to think about what we are doing and where we're going. This mutuality is part of ourself-education."

This certainly isn't the final word on the matter... that will be attempted on the follow up answers that he publishes on the next newsletter. But most of you knew that... doesn't everyone subscribe? Well, a bunch, anyway.

Okay, back to parboiling and prepping for the big eating marathon.


Olga Norris said...

It's this business of being part of a community that seems to be important, and writing helps us put in order that which we have been thinking about/wrestling with/enjoying/whatever. I like the quoted last sentence. That seems to be one of the obsessions with us creatives: desperate always to educate ourselves.

Ed Maskevich said...

I also think that it is therapuetic. When I write the thoughts and ideas become more real and concrete. And when I share with a (blogging) community I find I am not alone, not the only one who might have some strange thoughts and ideas.