June 12, 2006

Sketch Journals

Observations from shotgun position...

Around the first of the year I discovered (very late, I admit) a vast number of sketch journals online, all serving to make me extremely jealous of the terrific efforts by so many artists. "I wanna do thaaaaaattt!" my inner child cried. I bought a couple of Danny Gregory's books, who seems to be one of the several gurus out there (check out ole Crack Skull Bob for a daily fun fix!) and made a shining attempt at daily sketching, but alas, my efforts have been sad and discouraging... not to mention what it's doing to my ego! Please take into consideration that the example above was performed in a moving vehicle and only revealed to provide graphic commentary to this blog entry.

This is leading to the impetus for this entry... Annette Bush diligently filled her sketchbook/journal the month (April, 06) we were in France, and it's a jewel! Her skilled daughter, Susan, tricked Blogger into listing the archives in first to last order by date (as it should be) so it's an easy read for the whole month. I've linked it on my Cat'Art reference site and will put it on my sidebar as well. It's a keeper!


Annette Bush said...

What a fun surprise -- to discover my sketchbook as the subject of a blog entry! Hope your readers enjoy the trip.

Since I have been back, I have made an effort to do a sketch a day. It's not as easy as it seems and takes a lot of discipline -- forget doing a PAINTING a day! BUT as you show in your fun roadtrip shots, sketching can be done almost anywhere. You just have to get out the paper and pen.


Karen Jacobs said...

I try... and it is fun when I make the time and open my eyes to the possibilities. Nothing like your discipline, though.