June 14, 2006

Gripe #53442 - Art Spam

There's a new irritant in my inbox, and it has to do with far flung artists I never heard of having shows on the other side of the US, sometimes Canada, or at least several states away from me, announcing with great pride that I'm invited to their opening! Well... I understand mass marketing and maybe I ought to be indulging in some of it myself. But if I did, I would add an *UNSUBSCRIBE* link at the bottom of the message so those uninterested could easily opt out from future mailings. I would want to know if I was irritating people, wouldn't you? So, okay, just hit reply and say so... I did, but it first crossed my mind to send it to the gallery she was so proud to be showing in... heh, heh, heh... but I didn't. So my dear friends bothering to read this blog get to hear my nag... sorry 'bout that.

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