March 19, 2006

French Links...

Umm... The title 'French Links' makes me think either of dressy cuff links or something a bit spicier... but I only mean to point out new additions on the side bar. This blog tends to roll down like so much spinning toilet paper and continuity is hard to sustain as my thoughts drift this way and that. I thought putting pertinent info where it will stay in place might be a sensible idea.

For the time being there are only maps of the region, but the plan is to upload photos a couple of times a week, as access to broadband is available. I added a 'home' link in case your blog alert program only gives you the most recent post and you'd like to see the whole roll. Although there are seven artists participating, I've only listed those who will be blogging on the same topic and are likely to post their own photos and comments about the trip.

1 comment:

Walker said...

What an overachiever! I'll never be able to keep up - so I think I'll just direct people to your site!