December 21, 2005

Memphis Round Trip

To Memphis and back in one day is a bit much, but we did it. Had expected to find a wonderful place to have lunch downtown but somehow missed it, but did drive around and got a feel for a part of the city we've only bypassed on the way to Little Rock many times. A promise to come back when it warms up.

Delivered ten paintings to Perry Nicole Gallery, David seemed very animated about them and related the recent interest in my work on several fronts including corporate sales... I didn't tell him that I reserve my excitement for when the check arrives, but I know that with C-sales, the artist is the last to see the money. But it does pump the ego to hear such excitement. He felt the 'paint to match' paintings were right on... I was concerned they might be too intense... hard to match a digital of a painting that's at least two, if not three years old. One of the two, titled 'Matrix', is pictured here, painted to go with 'Red Sands', pictured a couple of posts down under 'Road Trip(s)'

Trying to motivate myself to go back into the studio tomorrow... must get stuff ready for NOLA trip in less than ten days. I have work in progress, and a couple that have been on Carol's Virtual Exhibition Site... can't stand having them at home... several from that site have already gone elsewhere, one even sold unexpectedly. So best that I get them down to her, figuring her problems with shipping have been resolved by now. At one time I thought I'd take a large part of the inventory from her but she is obviously doing just fine with sales so will just refresh the inventory and take what's been around too long.

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