November 18, 2005

New Orleans Surprise

"Crescendo," a delightful surprise sale at Carol Robinson Gallery in New Orleans. I've been very discouraged about the slow recovery being reported in the news, and I'm sure some parts of the city will continue to be painfully slow in making it back, but there are also areas that are way ahead of the curve, and many fans of the city who want to show their support... and that can only be good. This is actually my second NOLA sale since Katrina, and two other time payments (pre-K sales) were finalized. A very good sign!

Actually the whole week has been good... all weeks should be so profitable! Big canvas sales in four of six galleries in this week alone, and possibilities of more expressed. Goes to show long dry spells do end. I think I'd better start spending more time in the studio... and with the holidays and family coming, that might be a cute trick.

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