November 15, 2005

My Prop Easel

This is my prop easel, originally designed to take to Colony since I don't use regular easels. Very easy to take apart since the rungs are bolted on, and the two sides can actually fold together if your car is long enough, and mine is. It also comes in handy as extra work space when I need it.

But I soon discovered that it is especially useful for gessoing large canvases which take a while to dry and are clumsy to deal with while wet. When I'm in 'production mode' I'll gesso a canvas every few days, alternating with stretching days which gives me an opportunity to step away from the WIP on the other side of the room and take a breath... and there's always a fresh canvas for a fresh thought ready to go. In this picture a canvas hangs on the lower rung, ready to be gessoed.

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