August 14, 2011

The Crest...

Up in the right hand corner of this blog are a few words as to the purpose of it all... "My view from the crest of the hill."  And that's pretty much what it's been... a look back over my career as an artist, mostly high points and a few not so high. I've accomplished much more than I ever thought I would and there are few things I feel I missed out on. It's been a good run. In some ways I feel I'm still at the crest, not yet on that slippery slope that is easier and faster to descend than it was to climb. There are times when I feel the inevitable pull of gravity and time... but I shake it off with new ideas and determination and head back to the studio.

Didn't have a problem with this until a couple of years ago when my several of my best galleries began closing and sales slowed in a not surprising way. But one rep in New Orleans had a steady drumbeat of sales (NOLA always marches to it's own beat and the city had recovered and was buying art again!) So 'retirement' eluded me, keeping my position on 'the crest' secure. It takes more than one strong gallery, however, and I've always had several to count on. So, for what it's worth, I'm hoping things will change but you know how that goes. One thing social media (Facebook, etc) has shown me is the vast number of very good artists out there... all wanting the same thing I want... good wall space at a good gallery! We'll see. I may need to just be satisfied with what I have... and that's still much more than many are able to enjoy.

So... I have two fully equipped studios... lots of materials at hand... a constant supply of inspiration... the mind boggles with new series I want to produce. And I have the time to work on it. Maybe the economy is slipping past it's crest but so far, I'm not giving up my spot even if it means fewer sales!

Joining a weekly life drawing studio this week... I'll be sketching, not painting... but many thoughts on how I want to do this...

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