November 15, 2008

Never Thought I'd See The Day...

Lake House, Inside Out

So here I sit, during the MOST beautiful of seasons, working my tail off and not shedding an ounce or a drop of sweat. Confined, by choice, to a dark room with light coming only from tiny slats in the blinds, a desk lamp and this monster monitor and it's smaller and older sidekick just to the left and behind. Dual keyboards and mice strive to confuse the issue (hell and damnation, what's wrong with this stupid computer now???? oh... wrong keyboard... sorry...)

But... BUT!!! I'm winning! I'm gonna beat this game of switching from PC to Mac (there are signs, but the challenge is hardly over.) See... this process involves not only (slowly) learning the minor differences in the two computers, but the fact that I'm a digital pack rat who has been hobbling along with very old programs that must be cleaned out and upgraded to the streamlined and modern which will carry me ever forward into my golden years with pristine ease and supreme organization. Well... that's the plan.

That means... a new web site. You've no idea what a big deal this is. I'm biting the bullet and getting it done. The very big change will be the look. I've always detested (hated) black backgrounds, have never been comfortable with the idea that gray makes colors pop (I know, I know...) but the template (hahahahah... me... using a template!!!!) options (how else am I going to deal with css?) pointed to this one. I'll show a screen shot later, I'm not unhappy with it but it sure is a different look for me and mine. Fortunately, I can change templates as often as I like with Sandvox, (still in try-out mode) but my usual minimalist white option is too bland and I can't figure out (yet) how to do what I need to do to add a bit of zing. So I may be switching my look during the first few months out. But not ready to upload yet... will let you know, of course, and you mac people let me know if there are better web editing program options I should try.


self taught artist said...

you make me laugh with your dualistic computers.
as far as black backgrounds and your HATING them...
can't wait to see what you use.
i tried gray for awhile. white. tan. you name it. i went to black and love it.
any other color just makes art look like some pbs craft project...white is doable if you take perfect pictures and every piece is on a spotless white background.
will be watching!!!

Jan Heigh said...

Dear Karen;
I so admire your desire to switch from PC to Mac. I've been a Mac only user and the next computer will have the Intel chip and I'll leave behind Apple Works and have to learn (kicking and screaming) to use Pages.

My Mac guru says iWeb is a good one to use to create your own web site. So far I've avoided a web site and just started a blog in August which was a good learning experience for me and I know I could enhance my blog much more than I have so far.

I enjoy your blog and art so much and will enjoy hearing more about your adventures in computer changing.

Walker said...

Wow Karen - You certainly taking on a big challenge. Glad to see there's light at the end of the tunnel!

Karen Jacobs said...

Appreciated all your comments... this is actually more fun than it ought to be! Thanks for the iWeb suggestion, Jan, I looked into it but there are several issues I couldn't get past. There's always something!