October 30, 2008

Free Is Even Better Than Cheap!

Still trying to make inroads into the new iMac... finding suitable programs to replace non-transferable old comfort zones. Not really complaining, I knew this would be a tall order, and I knew those old programs were labor intensive beyond the comfort zone and would have to be replaced at some point... the mac makes it imperative... like DO IT NOW!

That said, have I mentioned how cheap I am? Those old programs had been passed along from computer to computer for, literally, decades. I tried a sample of Photoshop years ago but I liked my (cheaper) Paint Shop Pro and stuck with it. Did everything PS did and I could make my images web ready without a thought. Looking around for a mac replacement, I found that what most free or cheap editing programs currently don't do is give me a tool to square up a painting from a photo that wasn't taken dead on. After much searching, afraid I was going to have to part with real money... I found Gimp... and not only do they have a mac version... it's open source and FREE!!! Supposed to be very much like Photoshop... I don't know PS well enough to say. I played with it enough to know that I can learn the techniques I need to know. HIGH FIVE!!!

My Database (a Windows program) could be transfered to Google's spreadsheet but it would be be so labor/learning intensive that I thought I'd look at programs designed for artists and after wadeing through heavy, expensive gallery setups, I found a little $30 program designed by the husband of an artist... called Artist's Butler and I'm giving it a trial spin.

Once some of these are practiced enough to feel comfortable, I'll download Sandvox, a web editing program for macs. Want to be sure I have time to fully explore during the free trial before commiting. As is, I'm still working out off two keyboards and two monitors... wish me luck.

Gotta run, prep for road trip tomorrow, work to do that doesn't involve sitting in this chair!


CMC said...

ha ha...you can be my tester for Mac programs. One reason I have never tired it is having to learn and buy new programs (also cheap). If I have any money left (doubtful) after kitchen and 2nd bath remodel, I'm thinking strongly of the IMac.

self taught artist said...

I'm still a windows PSP user..no clue about photoshop or macs. I'm loving that you are paving the way :)
glad you are making progress and figuring things out. good luck on the rest!

Karen Jacobs said...

Will be glad to pass along the experience, but usually my patched up way of learning means confusion for anyone else trying to follow. Um... that goes for making a painting, too!

Mary Buek said...

Have you tried Picasa. . . I don't know if it's available for MACs but I love it and it's free and it has a straighten function that's very very easy. Also if you post to Flickr, there's an edit function in it that's super easy too with very easy straightening tool.

Karen Jacobs said...

Mary, I have Picasa on my PC, didn't realize it had a straightening tool as I did all my editing in PSP. But I don't think Picasa has a Mac version. Other than that, iPhoto is very similar in structure... thanks for the hint, will double check.

Martha Marshall said...

Maybe you'll be my inspiration to get this show on the road and start actually living daily with my iMac instead of just doing computer art on it.

I have heard great things about Gimp. When I bought my iMac I got PS Elements with it, and it's done everything I want to date. At some point, though, I'll need to get the whole Adobe suite for the Mac.

Gesa said...

Hi Karen,
after long hesitation I will be doing the same - haven't tried gimp but got it recommended too. Thanks for the post; I'm curious how the new layout will work!