September 01, 2008

Gustave, Conclusion...

Thanks for comments and email from concerned friends... an update:

There were a couple of beautiful days for boating and tubing ... kids big and little had a terrific time. The lake house bursting at the seams (hurricane damage so far: one new family room ceiling fan was installed due to an ill tossed ball ;-) but hey, no biggie! The two dads headed home with a work entry pass before most were allowed back in... reports that water and power were working but tenuous, and no damage was done to their houses. The rest of the crew decided it best to wait in comfortable quarters and let the main NOLA traffic surge get past them... they'll leave later today... the house will seem strange without the kids and pets.

My friend and her daughter and grandson were caught in the I-59 'parking lot' and the usual five hour drive was closer to fourteen hours! Cell phone difficulties meant it was late in the day before they were able to get through to me and put my concerns to rest. They finally arrived about 11pm with me asleep on the sofa. So both houses did duty as temporary homes to weary and stressed travelers. We've had a great visit... the 'my kitchen is your kitchen' type... J and I were back and forth to the lake most days and they understood our need to spend time with the g-kids. They are packed now and will head back home shortly.

And all will pay close attention to the accumulating storms stirring in the Atlantic. The strong and buoyant New Orleans spirit is often sorely tested... they don't need back to back threats!

And so... there leans a stack of canvases in a living room corner... waiting to be delivered to Atlanta at first chance... that needs to be tomorrow.


Joe said...

Wow, sounds like we got it almost as bad in Little Rock. We have been without power for two days. Hopefully we are back up today. Lots of trees down in the neighborhood. One of the houses that had been damaged by the tornado a few months ago had a tree fall on the guys truck. This is crazy!

Lisa said...

Tubing? Fair Weather? Stop. Please. We should have come too. How wonderful to be able to open 2 houses to people you care about when they need it. And sneak in gkid kisses to boot.
Reports are it could be Saturday before we have power-let's hope it's sooner. My friends/family in Florida are now bracing-again. The email inboxes are busy.

Karen Jacobs said...

OH! The Arkansas Family Branch is heard from! Had no idea you were being hit with more than just left over rain, hope all is back to normal soon... we owe you a respite.