August 20, 2008

Sorting Slides...

New project! Er...umm... old project I'm finally getting around to doing something about.

Slides were once a necessary evil that required developing excellent photographic skills and the ability to organize hundreds into usable fodder for competition, gallery searches and whatever else required a quality reproduction of our work. Oh, the hours I've spent with tripod and black felt! The trial and error of lighting, both indoors and out. No instant peek into a little screen to see if the dreaded glare or slight blur was there... wait a week or so for development to see if time and money had been well spent.

I usually worked two cameras... one for slides, the other loaded with print film. I have a pretty good card file with photos attached and history/provenance of the painting noted... exhibitions, competition entries, final sale price and to whom. This continued into 2000... everything is digital since then. A good slide is supposed to be better than a good photo and I want to compile the best images I have in a high resolution... all on disk, not in bulky albums. My attempts at scanning my own slides has been disastrous... ain't doin' that no more!

So... the first step has been taken... a bunch have been sorted and sent off to as a trial balloon... need a bigger space but am sort of tied to the computer for database reference. Guess I could take over the dining room with the db on laptop... yeah... this arrangement is ridiculous!

The retrospective in Feb is giving me the push to finally get this done, I eventually want to self-publish books on each major series... but if that doesn't get done in time, at least I can pull together some notebook albums to reference a few paintings not shown. It's a start...

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Karen Jacobs said...

The self-publishing aspect would be for personal and family amusement. Kinda sounded like my goals had taken on a life of their own... not!