August 07, 2008

Did I Tell You...???

2008 - Landlines - 24 x 60

Like a kid with a new toy, am I! Such a fun learning experience... each button, tapped ever so gently, opens the door to so many treasures! Oh what fun! Okay... so I get this slight headache from peering at that big/little screen so much... and the g-kids have latched on to it and are texting their cousins... via MY name, so the cuz's think I'm the one sending redundant and somewhat annoying queries into their life, minute by minute... but hey! I've also learned to text! Our oldest g-son was here a few days ago and set it up for me... before leaving he also plastered a funny pic of himself as my wallpaper, made sure his b'day was noted and left me with a ring tone that sounds like a tornado alert. I learned how to fix what needed fixing as well. Ya gotta luv 'em!

Having uploaded the latest completed painting above... methinks I'd better take another pic... that one looks dingy and dark. It is NOT an iPhone shot but my usual old Sony... the one I went back to after flushing a new camera... and, BTW, I'm taking special precautions with the slippery iPhone... never in a pocket unless there's a button on it! Remember those string bags I made for the g-kids last month? I have a small version I wear tied around my waist... a friend called it a 'cozy'... seems to fit.

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Martha Marshall said...

What a lovely painting! Congrats on the iPhone. I'm still trying to resist.