February 06, 2008

Four Corners

I'm on overload... not from the massive mess going on in the studio... that part's fueling me! I'm actually beginning to think about wiring and documenting a few of these beasts. You'll note a little TV and radio in one corner, tuned totally to political developments... that's the overload part... adding to the excitement of it all.

This election season makes the Superbowl pale in comparison (and Eli is my NOLA boy!) This is History with a capital *H*! It's within our reach to make a REAL difference, a POSITIVE difference in our country, in the world! Here's an article in The Atlantic that best speaks to my own feelings... that said, I'll now tuck my politics back in my pocket and go paint.


Annie B said...

Great article. Thanks for the link.

Kim said...

Thanks Karen! It really is very exciting, isn't it?

I am glad to see you posted, so now I know you are safe and were not in the area of those horrific storms.