February 10, 2008

Bokusho Analysis...

2008 - Penumbra - 48x72

Reason to keep steady hours in the studio doesn't take much... especially when I get the heads up that my Memphis gallery will be passing through the area doing a painting pick-up and drop-off for several of it's artists. What a treat! Anyway, I worked pretty steady for a few weeks in anticipation. I was also aware that there will be much less time to paint when the weather warms and the lake house calls so quality time in the studio right now is time well spent.

I had 14 paintings to choose from, he returned eight to me and chose eight to take back with him. All Bokushos were returned and I had a good chance to pick his brain as to the whys and wherefores of what the gallery needs from me. He didn't say anything I didn't already know, but sometimes you just have to follow your muse (he understood) and I will never regret having taken that year long sidestep. (If new to this blog and curious, check labels for Bokusho or go my site, there's a link at the bottom about how it began.)

My analysis: It's important to establish your 'look' so that when a gallery visitor sees your work, then returns to see what's new, he can build on that experience. I confused them. I was scheduled for a show and instead of bringing work my 'fans' could relate to, I brought a totally different body of work. Good work, but not what they were looking for. I see this happening in other galleries as well... "Nice, but not what your collectors are looking for from you." All my galleries have sold several from the series so it's not a loss and I'm sure with time they would begin to hold their own. But at this point in my career, I think if I want to continue supplying my reps with work they have a market for, I'll stick to my "look." This is not a problem, there's a lot of wiggle room in my style. The best part is that the big paintings are selling better than the small paintings... and that's a very good thing!

Meantime, I have a body of work that includes some of my favorite paintings... but I will need to look for independent show opportunities in order to show it properly and not fractioned or diluted.


self taught artist said...

i may have gotten the quiz below 100% but i sure dont get why your bokusho works dont fly off the walls. they are superb and it maddens me your 'fans' dont get it.

Daphne said...

I guess having only found you last year I associate you with your bokusho work more than anything.

They are also my favorite of yours. It's always difficult for me to comprehend how every person can love so absolutely one thing while I am so sure that what I love must be loved by everyone too.

KJ said...

Reassuring to hear from my Bokusho fans ;-) The thing is, finding your personal market is like holding a wet finger in the wind to see which way the wind is blowing. Once you find the right drift, you have a choice of going with it or bucking it. D's comment about how everyone should love what I love would sure make these elections easier and we could get right on with changing the world because, obviously, everyone would be in love with my candidate. Does it sound like I need to get a life beyond politics? Okay... I'm going to have lunch with a second grader in a school cafeteria today... that should wipe the slate clean!

Walker said...

I love the Bokusho series, but I understand the marketing side, too. I thought the paintings that contained a little of both were quite interesting. Ah well, paint what sells, I always say!

Kim said...

I also am very attracted to your Bokusho series. The thing is you have got to paint what works for you. While it is wonderful to get your paintings in galleries and have them sell, your best work comes from what you need to be doing. Have you ever noticed that. And often what other artists love, the public isn't sure about because it is cutting edge...in other words, they don't understand it.

It is a beatiful series!