December 30, 2007

Self Portraits... Of A Sort...

The kids got Wii's for Xmas and it's been fun for the whole family. Before you get involved in the game(s) you must first create a Mii... a little digital person that will represent you on the screen. I had more fun with that aspect, trying to make mine as much like me as possible, as anything having to do with tennis, bowling or whatever sport was up.

Here I am at an art gallery... the shopping bag
was a freebie I picked up in one of the shops.

Okay... fast forward to a mention on Anna Conti's blog about her experience with Second Life, an online digital community where you also create an image of your self (or your imaginary self) and take off to anywhere in the community, just like you would if you were exploring a new town. Except that you can take shortcuts like flying or being teleported to your destination. I joined several art groups and suddenly "Artist" appeared above my SL name, "Kaa Jaerls," and both float above my head everywhere I go. That enables people to call out to you to join a conversation (chat room style.) Early on, while I was still looking like the babe assigned on registering (free) I was called out to several times... one rather persistent cowboy told me he loved me. If I was quicker with the gesture gizmo I could have slapped his face but instead I just flew away.
I've yet to see a female who didn't look like a floozy or ready for Mardi Gras. What's wrong with sweaters?

I hastened to learn how to alter my appearance so as not to be so young and cute... who needs that? Or maybe I'm just not hip on what's in fashion these days. At first I was shy about chatting but I got over it and now like to go up to this type, get in her face and ask were she got her hair or something. You can buy fancy clothes but I made mine, can you tell? Oh... that's me on the right! Funny thing, I don't get hit on anymore... and the young ladies always seem to need to fly off somewhere.

Once again I find more fun creating my digital self image and getting as close as possible. The face isn't right yet... making the right selections from the menu is an art form in itself... so many choices and degrees but never seeming to find just the right eye, nose and mouth coordinates. Maybe a mirror would help.

Anyway... should you find yourself with time on your hands (visitors have departed, too full/tired to move, no place to go on New Years Eve... I challenge you to check it out and see what your creation looks like. Most of you are artists, right? Self portraits (in whatever medium) are part of our repertoire, right? The program is free but of course there are plenty of opportunities to give them your money (in exchange for digital money which will buy digital products.) I have no need for all that, I just want to make a good self portrait! Free, except for the time it sucks away from you! Don't bother unless you have at least a couple of hours to kill...


Olga said...

This is great! Planning procrastination and displacement activity in advance! Thank you for the information.

Martha Marshall said...

What I really need -- another addiction! Been hearing about it. Been tempted.

Happy New Year!!!

Annie B said...

Oh wow. I encountered Wii this Christmas myself and had lots of fun making a Mii, and it made me think about Second Life, which I've never actually visited. But every SL screenshot I've ever seen has shown, as you said, either a hot babe or a 6-pack-abs hunk. I love what you've done here. Nothing wrong with a handmade sweater in my book!