October 04, 2007

Where Am I?

On waking, my first thought is to wonder where I am... not as an amnesic, but as one who travels between two places frequently. In both homes, our bed is arranged with a large double window to my right, a TV and digital clock in the corner beyond and the rest of the world off to the left. Easy to be confused in the early morning, still dark. And 'early' it usually is when I check to see if it's a proper hour to start the day. My mind can be racing just as fast at 2:30am as at 5:30am. Depending on how chaotic the mental whirl is, I try to go back to sleep till at least 5-ish but it's often much earlier when I'm up and about.

If at home, I go to the computer and start my day with email, headlines and comics. Very often, my waking thoughts will indicate the seed of an idea suitable for blogging, as it did this morning with the humor in wondering just where the hell I was, yet again!

If at the lake, it's still too dark to wander down to the water with coffee in hand (a long time favorite way to start the morning.) But there are plenty of indoor projects, currently the kid's downstairs bathroom (a big, dark horror... windowless and without any redeeming features.) I've primed and painted all the dark trim including slatted, double folding doors, prepped the horribly damaged walls with a stucco finish, mixed Oops paint from HD to a rich Tuscan ocher and it's beginning to show possibilities. J will add thin crown molding to hide more imperfections at the ceiling and the room will lose it's fright house characteristics. There's still a large bedroom, my old studio and the family room to paint downstairs... and I'd like to turn the laundry room into a happier place... eventually.

So... I discover I'm at the main house and the project of the day will be to print out inventory sheets , double check that about nine paintings are ready to roll and load them in the car. We're headed for Little Rock on Friday, dropping off new inventory in Memphis on the way. We'll visit with oldest son and family on Sat, then Sunday will drive to Fayetteville with g-son to visit his sister at the U of Arkansas. Yes... we've got a g-kid in college ;-) Imagine! Second year, too... would have been her third year but she spent a year in Belgium after HS graduation. Where does the time go? Looking at Annette's little Lucy skipping off ahead of her and her camera... and I remember the same picture with my little Lauren... and now she's in college...

Another project is to try to make the monthly artwalk in our 'other' town tonight... will depend on how my day goes... there's ironing involved... not a good thing... often gets in the way of a good time. Anyway,will talk again next week when we return...

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Annette Bush said...

Have a safe trip and give Lauren a hug.