June 17, 2007

Monet On The Deck...

Time out with Claude Monet's Terrace at Sainte-Adresse, both water views enjoyed on the deck. I've probably spent much more time studying this work than any of his real paintings... interesting way to look at art. I think I'll keep an eye out for more puzzles of well known paintings. I get most of them from thrift stores and garage sales, usually with the g-kids in mind... all the better.

With no Internet access at the lake house and limited TV, it's either reading or puzzling at the end of our work days. Physical labor seems to be part of the definition of "fun" for us and this Hobby House requires a lot of it. Consequently, we wear out early and do a lot of water watching from the deck. J should be able to make it down to the lakeside before long... the injured foot no longer requires the support boot... and evening pedal boating will be a well earned reward. Sometimes we wonder why we are doing this... but then, what would we be doing otherwise? J's in his early 70's and I'm not far behind. But put a shovel, paintbrush, or power tool in our hands and we think we're 25 years younger. Well, it was the combo of power saw and ladder that has J hobbling... so there ya go. Took me the rest of the day to recover from a couple of hours of lot clearing which would have been a piece of cake at another point in time. Actually, I enjoyed every minute of it and have the street side of the *empty lot looking good... only came in to get water but then realized I could hardly pick up the glass, faced the fact that I was wasted so that was the end of the day (at 10am) for moi.

We'll take a couple of days off and give it another shot. I've got a studio full of WIP's that need attention... will do.

*The empty lot is the one we never sold and is next door to the house we bought again after a 20 year hiatus.

PS: Sorry for all the old blog post alerts that my have shown up on your RSS readers... I was updating labels and thought I used a method that prevented that from happening... oh well... looked like my life was flashing before my eyes!


Lisa said...

I love doing puzzles also. I've never bought from these folks but they have some cool (lots of pieces) puzzles of some artwork:


Annette Bush said...

At our summer house, we have no TV or Internet either so I know about the puzzles and games. Don't worry, it makes good memories.

I got caught in the editing alerts as well. I don't mind readin gyours if youll forgive mine!