June 18, 2007

Control Center

Youngest G-Kid enters office and sez: "You got your hair cut!"

"How nice of you to notice!" sez I.

And spotting my camera: "Can I take your picture?"

Amazed that it could be spotted amongst the busy-ness: "Sure!"

"Which button do I push?" And there you have it in just one take. Not bad for a 6-going-on-7 yr old.

Can you spot all the g-kids pics? The same photographer is seen behind the monitor on the left... taking yet another picture.
-- How about the coffee cup (not the pen holder that says ART, that ones beyond holding hot liquids.)
-- And there's the wine glass, must be after five.
-- I usually close the cabinet door for company, but there you'll see the current gallery notebooks, plus post-it notes with instant info kept handy.
-- The scanner's handy but all those green boxes lined up on the shelf contain many hours of scanning yet to be done... fam pics that hold important history. One of these days...

J has a matching set-up on the opposite wall. Only difference is that his is clutter free. Never figured out how he manages that!


Martha Marshall said...

I like the haircut, and things look pretty darned organized to me.

meno said...

You think that's clutter? Ha!

I see your clutter and raise you a real mess.

CMC said...

good haircut, Karen...as Martha said...looks organized to me. I don't have any shelves above the computer desk...so stuff does pile up sometimes.

KJ said...

Shelves are my life lines, can't get enough of them. There's room for another above the ones you see... may have to build it myself since no one else around here thinks it's needed.