April 25, 2007

Reclaiming A Good Time

Finally, first time since 1986, I climbed into a little Sunflower sailboat (a laminated Styrofoam canoe shaped tub with rigging) and I sailed! As mentioned earlier, we sought an exact copy of our earlier rig in order to recreate the fun we had the first time we owned this lake property. We have also acquired a Sunfish (same idea but a slicker racing model) in need of repair (much has been done including obtaining a newish sail and rigging,) but the slower Sunflower will serve to remind us of the fine art of getting out of our little cove and eventually returning to it without upsetting applecarts or ourselves. After all... we've got to be the teachers. And heck... it's fun! It will be even more fun when the Sunfish is ready for action and we can sail in pairs. Never mind that the ole bods don't flex as they once did, we're up for the challenge!

So here I go... I'm in and J shoves me off... I manage to miss the branches of the sail eating tree near the boathouse... the sail luffs a bit, I catch the breeze and I'm sailing! Oh, it's all coming back now... I find the tension between rudder and sail and know the power of control... intermittently. Aware that I don't want to get too far downwind this first time out, I enjoy the sensation for just a bit, then cut the rudder sharply and swing around. The boom knocks my straw hat off, I let go of 'something', make a successful grab and have my hat back, then reach behind me for the rudder. But wait... oh, please wait! Cramp in my upper leg! Oh, Lord! There... I get a good repositioning, all is okay and I sail back into the cove feeling proud.

One small hurdle yet... gotta get out of this slippery tub! Don't look, J, and promise you won't laugh! Getting up off the floor in a graceful manner is not my strong suite... but I'm up, my butt is planted firmly on the retaining wall again... I did it! Next time I'll actually go somewhere...

Of course I forgot to take my camera to record this historic event so you'll have to take my word for it and rely on this old photo from years ago. I remember the fun of sailing slowly by the back yards of homes, taking gardening notes and being openly nosy. A summer breeze from the south allows good cruising to the north end of our lake... then you'd better allow for plenty of tacking time to get back home.

So glad we took time out from the sawdusty house (still a work in progress) to have a good time. Gotta do that more often! (There's a connection to artistic endeavors here... gotta take time out to enjoy what you've been producing or it loses it's meaning! Gonna do more of that, too!)


Joanie San Chirico said...

oh my gosh!
I had the exact sailboat on our lake in NH growing up! We had a house on Lake Winnisquam and thoughts of those times still bring a smile to my face.

Also had a yellow canoe that we called "Banana".

KJ said...

Well, ya see? We've got lots in common! I didn't grow up with it, but our kids did, and I guess we're just trying to recapture those days. Whatever we can get!