March 27, 2007

Six Days Later...

2000 - Shadowscape - 48x36

Miss me? Think I'd tossed the blog habit? Nah... just busy elsewhere and not sure that "elsewhere" was worth a discussion. Actually, things have been happening, a couple of landscapes appeared on some of the newly stretched and primed canvases... how'd that happen, she asked, innocently. Well, had to answer the call, could be more coming down the pike before long. Photos with next post.

The May show has been resolved. I will be using some of the work from the last show, adding a few more to make up for the missing and be able to stretch the exhibition into a new realm. This is good on several levels... the work gets to be new a bit longer and I get to play with some new ideas in the same mode. I was concerned that I'd be pushing myself into stress city with the two shows coming so close together. This is going to make life a whole lot more pleasant... and productive.


The pollen here is thick as an Okie dust storm. Everything is sulfur coated, the drive into town includes views from several high vantage points, all showing layers of thick powder in the air. I feel for those who are allergic, and sing praises of thanks for my own resistance to such irritants. But it's still a blamed nuisance. Our spring has been beyond belief with floral abundance we can't recall seeing in years. It's been dry for months, maybe the trees, shrubs and bulbs think the end is near and are trying to produce extra seeds in order to procreate. If so, same would hold true for the oaks and pines, resulting in even more pollen than usual. A good gully-washer would at least clear the air so we could enjoy the mild temps and gorgeous color.

There's a new pup in our house. Long story short, we're temporary caretakers until she is old enough (and self contained enough) to understand that when left alone, there's a proper way to behave and that her people will return. Daisy is a Miniature Schnauzer and is a real cutie! But she does require a change of routine around here... for sure!


Tracy said...

Hi Karen, Beautiful painting! The red is gorgeous. I am envious of how well it works-whenever I use red on the ground it tends to look like Mars or something.

Joe said...

Wait, I thought Julia got a new dog!

KJ said...

Thanks, Tracy, it's a fav from the past with a hit of landscape. I find the hardest part of red is the photographing. Always requires adjusting and never quite gets there.

Now, Joe... we're having fun and Daisy is getting used to increased times alone in the laundry room. She'll be back in her own home soon. She's a big adjustment for all.