November 09, 2006

My Enso

I had this 30x30 red canvas that was going nowhere after several attempts. It hung high on the pegboard in a corner, just waiting... and waiting. So now it's complete, for better or for worse, it can be called finished. I've been using the circle in other works I'll share later, but this one is here and now. Not a true bokusho, perhaps an intro to a branch series... dunno.

But for today, I'm packing to hit the road Friday for fun and games. A Paint Day in Port Gibson, MS... a lovely historical town on the Mississippi River (Grant proclaimed it to be too beautiful to burn) with artist friends of long standing. There will be an open auction at the end of the day, lots of good food and chatter... I'm really looking forward to this!

Sunday morn I'll head south to another lovely spot on the MR just upriver from NOLA. A quick visit with g-kids, then home on Monday. Will try to arrange to drop off a couple of bokusho paintings at the gallery there, they have several small ones but these are much larger. They'll be closed so will have to do some dancing to get it done.

Back in time for a visit with an artist friend from GA... more fun and games and a chance to show off the lake house... bear with me!


Jacie said...

Are you going to post some pictures of new developments at the lake house? Would love to see! Karen, you're going to be painting circles around us, ha! Groan! This red Enso is magnificent, very powerful!Take care on the road! Have fun!

KJ said...

oooh, I though you'd never ask! Actually, it's still pretty much in a state of deconstruction, though I've got most of the painting done. J's still messing with wiring and fun stuff like that. But it's coming along. Sure... I'll post some pics next week. Just cuz you asked!
Glad you like my red enso...

Anonymous said...

Hm. I like it. It's the colors. It's the circle. It's the... hm. I dunno. I just like it. :)


Thailand Gal

Anonymous said...

Say hi to all in Port Gibson.......wish I could be there.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead ... hope you have a great time! Love this red painting - and look forward to seeing how you develop your Enso ideas (if you decide to, that is).

also look forward to seeing pics of your beach house ... we are renovating and extending ours too. The difference being that it is our only home so its all had to done while living in it! But its all coming together beautifully now.

enjoy your weekend jollies.

Anonymous said...

The dynamism and power of simplicity! It is fascinating how something which in itself was strong but not altogether satisfactory fulfils its promise by becoming a background - but what a support!