September 02, 2006

Marquee Brag

Tying in with my previous post, the photo and article were referencing a 1984 solo show at the historical Bama Theater which had been beautifully restored. (the link provides a tour of the Art Deco-ish building) The second floor mezzanine was set aside as an art gallery and it was a grand opportunity to be asked to be a featured artist. As luck would have it, the flutist extraordinaire Ransom Wilson, was the featured performer while my show was up and he played to a full house. I understand he perfected the ability to play without a breathing pause by means of some technique that gives me hiccups to think about. But the BEST part is the photo above... my name along with his on the marquee! Okay, it isn't NYC, but I was impressed.

What I sadly don't have a photo of is word that my NOLA gallery has my name on a banner outside the gallery. Man! I'd have driven down there to see it if I'd know in time. The director doesn't do cameras, digital or otherwise. (::geeze::) But she's forgiven for making the effort to persuade people think I'm something special. No checks yet, but it's Hades Hot down there and clients with good taste are not venturing out in that kind of heat, even for banner headlines.


Anonymous said...

How cool---both the Marquee and the banner!! Now if the weather would just get that way. Our humidity is opressive right now. How is the lakehouse coming??

Linda S.

KJ said...

Always a breeze at the lakehouse, but still a lot of sweat work to do. I think J will call in the real clearing people in a week or so, now that he's played around with his chain saw a bit. The water looks very clear and swimable but we're wondering where all the ducks went... maybe that's why the water is clear! Haven't had a chance to put the boat in the water yet, rats! Labor Day, perhaps???

Martha Marshall said...

Love that marquee with your name on it! Congratulations on the banner in NOLA. Sounds very impressive to me!

If memory serves me correctly, I think the Bama Theater is across the street from Liz Charles Gallery, where I'm headed in a couple of weeks.

Tampa has its Tampa Theater, same style architecture and interior decor. You can go see classic silver screen favorites there -- and have a glass of wine!

CMC said...

I'll be down there next week-end if the banner is still up. Will see about a picture for you.

Walker said...

love the marquee - but just noticed the very nifty avatar you created for yourself!

KJ said...

Yes, Martha... that's the same Bama Theater across from the Liz Charles Gallery. Haven't had a chance to visit around as yet, but look forward to it.

Hope the banner is still up, Cheryl, I'm not sure when Patti's show opens, but I think mid Sept so maybe you'll be able to get a pic... that would be great!

So you noticed my favicon, Robin... simple as pie to do, will tell you how.