May 14, 2006

Finding A Direction

Obi 1 - 4, 200512x12 each, mixed media

I've mentioned earlier that the knotted torsos of the plane trees grabbed my attention early and held it through some early ink on rice paper experiments while still in France. (View here and here.) I didn't know where I was going with the random marks but a browse through the catalog of Nguyen Cam, a Vietnamese artist who had worked and shown at Cat'Art residency previously, opened the door to possibilities. The marks I was making on varying sized squares began to make sense and I've just started thinking about how I might use them. Whatever they become will be far removed from the plane trees that started this creative stream, but not confused with Nguyen Cam's handsome works. I do, however, give a nod of appreciation to both for renewed enthusiasm for endless possibilities. I expect the early efforts will be similar to a group of works I finished last year, the four Obis shown above. I look forward to carrying this idea further.

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Martha Marshall said...

It's great to see how all of your explorations are in keeping with past themes. Looking forward to seeing what transpires.