April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday, Apr 16

Just read the best news in a round-about way... Lauren called her Grampie to tell him she was in a Best Western in Brussels and to please let me know that all was well. He emailed me and I am so relieved. To back up to yesterday's hectic puzzle, we arrived at the airport in Carcassonne in plenty of time for her 5pm flight home, but the incoming flight was delayed and would not take off until 7:20, making her late connections by train and bus back to her small town home in Belgium impossible. What to do? Staying over another day might only repeat the situation, so she took the late plane with the intention of finding a hotel and taking train and bus home the next day... Easter, with it's skewed schedules. At least I know she's okay and hasn't been abducted by a sex slave ring... you know how those thoughts fester and grow. Last night I turned on Yo Yo Ma and let him saw away at my heart strings.. yes, I wallowed in it, feeling helpless to do anything else.

Today! A beautiful Easter Sunday... a BBQ party is being prepared in the sculpture shed near us... lots of tables and chairs, so it's going to be a hoppin' good time, I bet! I'll catch up on the travelog later... and try to organize some pics to show. Suzanne, if you're reading this, tell David I'm appreciating his very cheerful guitar on my little MP3 and speaker... so appropriate to lift me into this wonderful new day.

I will now close my purse, set aside the car keys and delve into my materials, trying to get some of these images onto paper this week. I'm pretty sure I know the direction my work will be taking, sure hope I can do the translation from mental to actual. Have seen all I need to see. This last week will be productive!!! Have moved all my stuff back to my room, Opened up the folding table in front of the window (also open to the singing birds) and will have a very good working space right here in my room.If this last week continues as lovely as today, I'll also be able to do some outdoor work... sure hope so!

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