April 18, 2006

Easter Party

They must have been planning this party for some time... just to clear out the huge sculpture shed to seat 72 people was a job in itself. And midafternoon they came... many in vans to sleep in... many with children... and dogs. Perhaps it's an annual event, I didn't ask, but they surely had a good time. Don't know how many chickens contributed to the event, but there were lots. An axe for a butcher's knife flattened them for the big square grill and I suspect cooking went on through the night. Some of the resident artists helped decorate tables and food and it was all quite festive. The boiled eggs were dyed robust earth colors... no Peter Cotton Pastels here... I want to try that next time I color eggs.

The party went on into the night... shucks... I think it's still going on this afternoon! There were drums... I didn't see them since I headed to bed at ten, but at 12 and 2am, I knew there were drums. The weather itself was something to celebrate... clear and sunny, but it chilled as soon as the sun went down... and I retreated. I won't complain about the heat of a B'ham summer this year, I don't think, I do need to warm up a bit. Thought it might be a nice afternoon but the rain finally got it's way and has returned.

I've moved all my gear back to a large table in front of my bedroom window. I'm used to having my workspace close by and I feel more productive this way. Working in w/c's today, referencing photos on my laptop, listening to favorites on my MP3, and glad I splurged on the little speaker system since earphones are a bother. Robin and Raya are touring more castle ruins, Annette's working on her book, Cheryl and Pat are in their basement studio... we're on countdown now. I'm on overload and just need to sort my photos and begin to think about the return trip... the thought of more markets or ruins does not excite me at this point in time... maybe tomorrow.

April 18, Tuesday...

We were invited to feast on the leftovers last night, along with a few other close friends and workers from the center. Since their dinner hour is much later than ours, we ate little (except for some REAL French onion soup and the wine) but enjoyed the ambiance of a large but cozy dinner table with chatter in two languages. This morning, sad to say, we still have gray and blowsey weather. I'd planned to walk the river path, pick up a few groceries to get us through the rest of the week (out of coffee and wine... there's a real need here!) but may wait to see if the weather clears this afternoon. Other than that, I'm focusing on using up the paper I brought, one way or another. I'm so proud of my knees for not caving and making the rest of my visit very uncomfortable... a bit bruised still, but better and more functional every day. Some are off to the caves today... I hear it's a bit of a challenge to get through the ups and downs of it so have elected to skip that adventure.

Last time I found a chance to find time on the computer, I had a note from my all-grown-up grandaughter Lauren, and she made it home in fine fashion... just another little conquering moment on the path to adulthood... she's gonna do fine, it's I who must get through a bunch more grandkids in the growing up mode... maybe it will keep me young???

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