March 20, 2006

Drawing 101

1978 - BEYOND
pencil on gessoed paper

I once took drawing very seriously. (Photography, in this example, was another matter.) I copied detailed subjects from both photos and real life and built up a fair amount of skill in the early years, but this day I'm feeling very clumsy with any kind of drawing tool in my hand. Looking around the web, I see there is good reason to feel a misfit! Seems like everyone is creating exquisite drawings in little tiny Moleskine book/journals (and that's NOT pronounced as it looks!) Hope mine arrives before departure, I'm sure it holds the secret to really fine art somewhere within it's covers. Here's one example of art journal blogging, and note the long list of other links to similar blogs on the lower right. By golly! I'm going to draw... and draw... and draw!

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