February 14, 2006

Where's My Rut?

Friends are good! Sadly, overdoses of anything, good or bad, can be unfortunate, to say the least. The very long weekend is over and all are back in their places. As we were saying our g'byes Monday noonish, the phone rang and a corporate art dealer is looking for a large painting (6' range) of which I have none of at the moment, but could have one by the time her presentation (mid March) comes up. Trick is, the big painting project I'd been preparing is a dyptch of two 30 x 70 paintings that will work as one... (because I can't get wider than 48" in my car.) She likes the idea, but reminds me that it's not a sure thing, just a presentation. But the people like the stuff they've seen of mine, so it would pay me to hustle and get this one done... and it will work well for other projects down the road should this one fall through. I need a bit of a prod right now, so am considering myself prodded. Now, if I can remember where I left my studio...

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