February 09, 2006

Stepping Lively

11 x 30, watercolor

{{Take a deep breath!}}
I'm paying for a laid back life style these last few years... time spent with little real responsibility, just coasting along, doing as I please. Seems lately, everything is piling up and insisting on decision making skills... no fun! Well, maybe a little fun, the plans for France in April... that's fun, or promises to be. Company coming and going this weekend... that's not fun (spread this stuff out, people!) And I've got to cook, too? And entertain one wife during the day(s) while everyone else goes off to a swim meet? Yikes! Won't even go into the other concerns floating on the fringes, but there sure won't be any painting done today (or into next week, fersure!)

Thinking back for a painting that might describe life as I know it right now... the rug patterns, yes! Much of that series involved the idea of things, people, feet, unknowns traipsing across a rug. (Me? Walked on or walking on?) Didn't mean for these abstract red shapes to be anything, but they sure did turn into dancing chickens! A fun mixed media w/c that still makes me smile. Half sheet would make it about 11x30.

One other thing... had an invite to join a gallery north of Boston... they saw my work in Atlanta, want to add more abstracts to their line, talked about New Orleans (one of their artists being from there) and in general, were nice people... website looked good... but I sent my regrets.

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Martha Marshall said...

Love that happy little piece, Karen!!

After France maybe you can kick back a little bit and do as you please again.