February 03, 2006

Time Out...

Yes, I've been painting every day, just not much to show for it. But today I did something for myself... took care of a long overdue desire to regain what little ability I once had at the piano. I took lessons as a kid, but preferred playing by ear to practicing scales and the teacher told Mother she was wasting her money. But I love music and my dad's family was very musical in an informal sort of way... long story short, I didn't know that until much later in life. My first accumulated art money was spent on a new spinet, and I traded paintings and prints for lessons... but then we moved. Without formal lessons, I let it fall to the wayside and eventually gave the piano to g-kids who still use it today, so not a waste. But I miss picking out tunes and have long promised myself an electronic keyboard... and now I have one! Let the fun begin!

Just to have an image to go with the text, I'm including one of the serigraphs which was traded for piano lessons. 'Arrangement With Fig', 1980. This was an actual corner of our family room in Maryland. The wall hanging was a needlepoint rug which I designed and created. I've covered a lot of yards in needlepoint.

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Martha Marshall said...

Girl, you never cease to amaze me!