February 15, 2006

My Boards - 1978

What a motly display! But hey! There's a ribbon hanging next to a serigraph... ummm... seems they are all serigraphs. Note the twine tie downs... must not have been much of a wind threat, but a plastic flap on the back indicates rain was a possibility. I'm guessing this was Seventeen Springs, (rural Alabama north of Montgomery) an annual spring arts and crafts show, well attended and decent sales. I think I spent as much as I made at this particular event. Oak woven baskets... pottery pieces I still use on a daily basis. My prints were easy sales as they were a fraction of the cost of a "real" painting, and easy for me to just frame up another print if one sold. My editions were small, however, usually in the 15-20 range, never more than 25, so it was almost like getting an original. These were my first boards, pegboard and heavy... J later made another set for me that were burlap lined. I wore out both sets and was enviously eyeing the professional aluminum racks and folding tents when I tired of the road show and moved on.


Martha Marshall said...

Ha! Wish I'd known you were envious. I got rid of a complete setup back in the 80's, then about 10 years later got another one. Did a couple of shows before I decided again that it was waaaaaayyyyy too much like work!

Annette said...

I was there! I tried to see if those were my paintings in the background! Could be!

Those pegboard thing were heavy and the wire and burlap ones were not much lighter! I sure was glad when I could afford a tent.