January 12, 2006


In 1998, I completed this painting which I now realize was a pivotal piece due to the symbolism that was pointed out to me after the fact. My neighbor and good artist friend, remarked "You've painted our bridge!" I pointed out our local MS River bridge in an earlier post but here is a reminder.

As paintings would come and go, I found the symbolic lines of the "railroad tracks" or bridge shape repeat again and again in my work, in many shapes and forms... and I'll point thes out as they show up in future blogs, but a scroll down this page will show later paintings that all have at least one leaning line (Sonar) and sometimes multiples. It has become a signature structure of many of my paintings... providing a compositional element on which to build. I still rely on these leaning lines, but am keeping an eye out for a new structure, one that carries the same strength and allows for as many variations. Have to wonder if it's something I'm overlooking... as I did with our bridge. Will I even recognize it? The title of the 48x36 painting is Span.

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