November 12, 2005

Work In Progress

36" square, oil landscape with border. Somewhat influenced by previous studies involving a stream coming forward, but this one is not a reference study, and still has a way to go before I'm satisfied with it.

Worked on it a bit today but must let it dry a bit before I (hopefully) bring it home as a finished piece. I've worked this type of casual landscape a number of times before, but the use of an unfamiliar medium is slowing things down. I spent the rest of the afternoon knocking together a bunch of large stretcher strips and cutting canvas... will start tacking soon and then be able to gesso at least one a day as I move into a comfortable work mode again. Will have to switch back to acrylics at some point and will trade off, working both sides of the studio this winter. I really want to become as comfortable with oils as with acrylics, so must keep the studies going. But it's time to start seriously on new inventory.

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