May 27, 2009

Moving Right Along...

Five of the six G-Chicks soon to arrive!
(Photo/scrapbook credit to my photographer daughter, Julia!)

So here's the deal... the next few posts will be mostly about g-kid worship. Although there is a lone g-guy in the younger set (another lone g-guy in the older tier) we have mostly g-girls... sometimes referred to as g-chicks as they are (or nearing) teeny bopper category. We have two here in town and will be driving to NOLA on Friday to pick up three more and bring back for a two week "camp" at the lake house... mostly. A sixth g-chick will fly in from Arkansas... making a total of six for the last week. The young man will visit later in the summer with a buddy of his... believe me, this is the most humane way to treat an outnumbered guy kid! Chicks can do a mean job on a lone young brother/cousin!

Well laid plans (you know how those go!) include a Cooking Camp and an Art Camp plus the usual boating, swimming and tubing that actually takes priority. My theory is that they will not just learn a few recipes, but how to plan and shop and put together a few decent meals for future reference in this kitchen... I want them to feel that this is THEIR house and their responsibility to make it function appropriately. Including the nitty gritty parts. I don't expect to play hostess/caretaker more than absolutely necessary!

I've probably gone overboard with art materials, but each will receive a wood box watercolor set, a palette, a spiral watercolor book and a newsprint tablet... and a Dollar Tree $1 bag (cute) to keep it all together. The idea is that they will keep a sketch journal of the time they are here. I remember seven or so years ago, I'd taken three of them to the zoo and had forgotten my camera... "don't worry, Grammie," the oldest said, whipping out a little notebook, "I'll just draw everything we see!" And she did, and my biggest regret is that I didn't keep the dozen pics she drew... thought she should have it and now it's lost. But I did keep these two pics:
The zoo animals are missing but she nailed the rugged climbing rocks and apparently there was a contrail in the sky with the sun... and I got the full treatment but my daughter only has the beginning of a head due to limited drawing time... can hardly wait to see what the journals produce!

Here's all nine from three years ago, not easy to get them all together anymore!
Is that a good looking bunch of G-Kids or what!?!
(They could have stayed that size! Or smaller!!!)


Anonymous said...

They are just beautiful. And your "best laid plans" sounds good. Good luck LOL

Annette Bush said...

It's fun to see the plans you've made. I like the idea of having them learn how to make the lake house run so that it's fun for everyone.

I am a big believer in job charts for our family summers -- neither of my sisters are so they work much harder than I! Even the littlest can be Sous Chef for lunch or sweep the front porch -- five stars and they get a prize. they sometimes ask what else they can do!

Waiting to hear the rest of the stories.

Ghislaine Bruno said...

I wish you a wonderful time with your grand-kids, and I hope you will keep us updated with both how they did with the housechores and their painted journals

Joanie San Chirico said...

SO cute! Have a great time with them!

Mary said...

I love this post Karen and the pictures. You do have a lovely group of G kids. Your post has given me some ideas to not play hostess and get worn out with my seven, but look for activities that they can be responsible of.