May 03, 2009

Manufacturing Deadlines...

Harry Ally and Karen Jacobs With Thistles
photo credit - Suzanne Ally

This morning my FB status read: "Three paintings in progress... with deadlines!" Okay, maybe that's a stretch, not the number of PIPs (probably three times that many at one stage of incomplete or another) but just what qualifies as a deadline?

One is a commission which will be delivered to NOLA when we drive that way at end of May (a dance recital plus bringing the g-chicks back determined the date.) So that's legitimate. Another painting has been a PIP for over a year... a good idea which just hasn't resolved itself as yet, but I want to get it to Atlanta along with a few others before I make the NOLA trip. That's a rather fluid deadline... could be scratched but really need to refresh the work there and this big one would fit nicely...

The third is another landscape with a much looser approach, trying to let Harry Ally's influence work with me... and it would give me another painting to deliver to NOLA along with the commission. Am really trying to loosen up... not happy with recent efforts, have overpainted a bunch that just got too real and precise... constipated, if you'll pardon the thought.

So there you have it... if I wait for others to set my deadlines, I'll float through life letting whatever strikes my mood have it's way with me. It's all about discipline and sometimes, especially in spring, especially when thoughts turn to upcoming g-kid visits, my will to work falters. Got to keep the ole momentum going one way or another!

BTW, the thistle bouquet has been on my kitchen counter since returning from Colony... today it burst forth with giant dandelion type seeds all over the sink ;)


Annette Bush said...

Deadlines are like thistles. Sticky things which remind you they are there, but ignorable. Sometimes they burst out when you least expect them to! Sometimes it's not a convenient time, but they can no longer be ignored.

My deadline was getting a 100 page 50th HS Reunion book to the printer on time. Our thistle exploded in the car about the same time!

Karen Jacobs said...

The detail found in thistle buds is extraordinary! I took some close ups but haven't sorted through them as yet. What a fantastic flower that promises so much but bans close inspection... I did a couple of w/cs but nothing worth sharing, really want to come close to capturing that push/pull attraction.

Karen Jacobs said...

Oh... great analogy, Annette ;) I know you'll make your deadline and the book will be fabulous!

Waxing poetic said...

Karen, I have been viewing your blog and website for a long time, enjoying and relishing your artwork. I decided it is time to let you know how much I admire your work and am inspired by your zest for life. Perhaps some day from I will actually see your work in person. Diana from Oregon

Karen Jacobs said...

Wow, Diana! So nice to 'meet' you and I look forward to getting to know you through your new blog... you're off to a great start and your work is super! Very nice handling of collage and wax! You've prompted me to higher levels of "zest," thanks for that and for reading!

Annie B said...

Beautiful photo.

I love the analogy of deadlines to thistles!

I too often invent deadlines to keep myself disciplined. Sometimes I aim towards a show or a submission deadline, sometimes the deadline is sort of part of the work (eg. when working on map of Buddha's birthplace I aimed to finish before Buddha's birthday), sometimes it's just arbitrary. Even when I fail to meet my deadlines, I know I got farther along in the work than I would have otherwise.

Suzanne Ally said...

How did I miss this lovely post?!! Now maybe I wont miss anymore that I have the new FB Blog app.

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