February 15, 2009

Wondering About Art...

I thought this was an interesting article (NYTimes) especially as we now wonder what the future holds for art, and our art careers in particular... sometimes it's good to look to the past for clues.

ARTS / ART & DESIGN | February 15, 2009
The Boom Is Over. Long Live the Art!
Memories of recessions past suggest that a financial scouring can be good for American art.

BTW, I realize I haven't had much to say here lately, funny how some days I can come up with three or four blog topics that MUST be written, and then nothing for a week or so. I figure there is so much good reading material on the web that the idea of writing just for the sake of uploading regularly doesn't seem fair to those of you who find reason to subscribe and expect something worth reading or viewing. So forgive me my irregular pulse, thanks for checking in, I'll probably think of something absolutely necessary to share later this afternoon.

That said... I invite you all to discover the Facebook experience. Once you get the hang of it, it's a hoot... lighthearted trivia that is not unlike a friendly neighborhood where we share tidbits over the fence or just wave in passing. I almost gave up on it early on, but with the addition of talkative 'friends' (term used loosely, but sincerely) and real-time family, I am loving the camaraderie. If you look for me to add to your Friends list (and I hope you will,) there are over 140 Karen Jacobs listed (that's a scary thought!) So qualify by adding Birmingham, AL to your FB search.


Annette Bush said...

"Right. Exactly" . . . I love anything which " Crazy." Holland Cotter puts together. He writes like some people paint: all layers and textures and colors in perfect juxtapositions. Stuff i wish i could do.

I think he is right on in this essay! As I've said before: we have people selling things which they shouldn't even be giving to their grandmothers. it will be interesting to see where "art" and all its parts go.

I've had one of those non posts weeks as well, but mostly be cause I have been busy doing non-art things, but I agree about not writing for the sake of posting!

Karen Jacobs said...

Will have to pay more attention to "Crazy's" writings... it WAS a good read. The point, however, I think any of us could have made. Common sense and all that... I'm afraid some place Art on too high an altar... history (way more than the $$ market) determines quality.

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