January 15, 2009

Retrospective, Part 1

The walls are strangely bare... both here at home and at the lake house. The dining room, however, is nearly impassible with paintings stacked everywhere, grouped by series, to be shuffled in and out as decision time sets in.

There are still paper works to be matted and framed... am trying to use up current supplies, oh man, if I can't use those old frames now, they no longer deserve to take up space! Since this is not a selling show, I consider framing a mere convenience to hanging the work. All my years as a festival artist, showing works on paper equates to having a bunch left over. Now to make the work and the available frames merge.

The photo above is part of the framing room J built for me in a corner of the basement. If kept well organized and used regularly, it would be much more useful than it is now. Unfortunately, I tend to toss stuff in piles with promises to do better soon... I'm so bad! So I dig through, looking for what I hope to find, then take it back to the studio where I've cleared space to do what needs to be done.

And it's getting done... it's coming together... I have lists...

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Annette Bush said...

Can't wait to see the Atlanta show; wish I could see this one. A