October 05, 2008

Looking Wayback...

Just checking email and blogs and discovered this:
In celebration of their ten year anniversary Google has re-released its first index. You can search the internet circa January 2001.
So... I headed off to see what my site looked like at that point in time. When you enter the name of the site you're looking for, you'll be given the usual first choice but click on the second option to go back in time. A few images are missing from my pages but most of it is there, including the canvas wallpaper I was using then. Most of the links work and it was fun to revisit my "new work." We made our move from NOLA in 2001 and I see that my contact addy was still the NOLA info. Shortly after this version, I redesigned the whole thing... should probably be done again but not until I learn a new (and less labor intensive) program.

There's another way to look at old sites called The Wayback Machine which goes much further back, to 1996 in my case though data isn't shown until 1998 and pics are mostly missing. But it's worth knowing about if you like wandering around to see where you've been. There are probably other, less narcissistic, reasons to know about these sites and I'll think of them later...

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