September 09, 2008


Archive 2003 - Meeting Of The Minds - 36x36

Sarah left a comment asking about the lines in my paintings, wondering how they are made. No easy answer here, Sarah, but easy enough to do.

Ruled lines have been a recurring element in my work since early on... sometimes made in the early stages as compositional scaffolding, sometimes added toward the end just to break up space. They might be painted over, re-drawn, covered again and in the end, are lost and found, bold or soft, and can even change color or value depending on the undertones.

Various mark-makers are used, charcoal, pencil, crayon or paint on brush. The ruled lines might be parallel, angled or curved as in an arc. I like my arcs to be accurate so I use a string compass. Gestural lines are nearly always done in ebony pencil just to give energy to an area, but seldom show up in web size images.

Now... to speak of art, Art History students actually...and McCain's daughter, Meghan, in particular... here's an excerpt from an article in Elle:

McCain has obvious affection for Meghan. In inter-views, he talks up her blog and credits her with introducing him to music beyond ABBA (his favorite band). For her part, Cindy says that Meghan -represents the “artistic” side of the -family, a designation that comes -primarily from Meghan’s college major, art -history. This used to come up during the campaign, when the introductions of the candidate would begin with Cindy, who would mention—to great applause—the service of Jimmy and Jack McCain. Then McCain would take the stage and announce that his daughter was in the room, too—she “just graduated from Columbia University.” Then he’d flip open his cell phone: “That’s a picture of her and me at graduation. It’s a $150,000 screen saver!” Laughter. Then, “Anyone have a job for an art history major?”


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