August 22, 2008

Can The Catalogs!

Little Yupo Tree Sketches

I could continue to creatively produce in my studio for several more years without spending a nickle on more art supplies. Always felt that I paint more freely when supplies are handy so I've long made sure I had plenty of gear to work with. Sure, I'd run out of canvas and stretchers after awhile, and I'd be forced to use colors and painting mediums gathering dust... we tend to favor our favorites. So, okay... an occassional order of gesso would be necessary...

I'd probably have to return to paper after awhile... that alone would keep me in business for a good long time... good w/c paper (and I have stacks, both used and unused) can be gessoed and is then ready for most any medium, I could even use up the big supply of oils that sit untouched. And then there are the pastels and even the wax... man!... the possibilities almost excite! I don't need or use art supply catalogs and have, in fact, been notifying each to discontinue mailings to my house as I prefer to shop online.

That said... I came across these little w/c drawing/paintings (above) that I did at the lake house last year. I'd forgotten about them and am now reminded of the effects that Yupo paper can produce... the trick would be to control all that 'mess' on larger sheets. Do I have plenty of Yupo on hand? Nope! Soooo... I've ordered a couple of pads... contrary to my vow to use up the stuff I already have... I caved.

Also caved and ordered a bunch of small canvases to prepare for the holiday show at my local gallery... an annual "Tiny Treasures" affair which will challenge my big brush mentality. No Yupo sketches here... I'll be peeking over Martha's shoulder for reminders of what jewels small works can be!

Y'know... I could have done these little ones on paper... could have...

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Martha Marshall said...

Hah! We seem to be traveling on parallel paths. I try, try, try to use what I have. But then I cave eventually. New stuff is occasionally very uplifting and inspiring. Thanks for the link, too.